Efficient way to improve your business cash flow management processes

Solution to solve fundamental financial matters in the digital era

Electronic Signatures

Digitise all your daily documentation in an efficient and secure way. This includes consumer purchases, business to business transactions, and contract agreements.

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DebiCheck debit order service require your customers to electronically confirm the DebiCheck debit order details before you debit their accounts. Once the customer approves the mandate, the debit order may be collected from the customer’s account without being disputed. DebiCheck allows up to 10 days tracking to improve success rate

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The NAEDO debit order service is a Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order that helps to track a customer’s account for up to 32 days and process your debit order when funds become available

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EFT Debit Order

The EFT Debit Order service is a simple and efficient way to collect recurring payments from customers with selection payment periods that suit your needs. This includes same day or next day collections. You can also process bulk credit card collections through our preferred credit card acquiring service provider

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eCashMeUp Pay

Cash-Pay is a reliable solution to pay your employees and suppliers Anytime, Anywhere,

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Bank Account Verification

Account verification service (AVS) is a simple and efficient way to verify your customer’s bank accounts

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Integration Ecosystem

The eCashMeUp Platform is integrated to various platforms to provide value to our customers. eCashMeUp has invested heavily in financial technologies to solve fundamental financial matters in the digital era


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